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Album Name: Sarah Jane McCullough Playground Return to Albums
Album Date: May 17, 2009
Description: These pictures capture the installation of the Sarah Jane McCullough Play Area, which started with the excavation on April 13, 2009.
(click an image to enlarge and start a slide show)
The Richmond Dept. of Public Works, at their finest, beginning the excavation. The Team of The Richmond Dept. of Public works is preparing the site for safety. Marilyn McCullough is so excited, as she anticipates the start to the end of a long journey. A storage unit is delivered to the Richmond School. When the playground pieces are delivered from Minnesota, they will be stored in this unit to protect them. The dream begins to become a reality, as the tractor trailer from Landscape Structures, Inc. arrives from Minnesota.
The playground equipment arrives! It is being put into the storage unit. So now the layout of the playground has begun. The sauna tubes are poured with concrete, donated by Wescon Concrete. These tubes form the stability and foundation for the playground pieces. The playground begins to take shape. Here's the arch bridge, and the beginnings of the sand table. You can see the mirror and the overhead parallel bars, and the sun tent is being framed.
On the left is the blue sand digger, and behind the sand table are the red and yellow musical chimes. In the background is the red curved bridge and the overhead parallel bars. To the right of the green arched bridge is the mirror. Here's a Installers from Northeast Playground Builders are putting the canopy top up on the frame for the Sun Tent, which will provide shade and protection from ultra violet light. Bill O'Neill led the team of Chuck Trombly, Frank Candelora and Paul Decamara. Here is one of two picnic tables which will accomodate up to four wheel chairs. A wheel chair can fit in the middle, or on either side of the table. Wescon wraps up their trip.
The canopy top is on and the crushed run stone has been laid and compacted by the Richmond Dept. of Public Works. The stone was purchased through a grant, awarded by the Paul V. Sherlock Center on Disabilites@RI College. Here's the Seesaw on springs, which will even allow one child to teeter alone. It has back supports and seatbelts are also provided. In the background, you can see the musical notes panel. You can see the difference in the crushed run stone, before it is compacted (left)...and after (right). Cherenzia Excavation also made a donation of stone. This side of the activity panel allows ambulatory friends and siblings to also engage in the fun! The Sway Fun was donated by The Westerly Community Credit Union. It will accomodate two wheel chairs, four children and two adults at one time. This moves like a porch glider from left to right. Riders control the speed. This piece is very unique and at this time, the only one in Rhode Island.
Scott Barber and Meghan O'Brien, President of O'Brien and Sons, (playground distributor and developer), discuss the layout and surface preparation. Meghan surveys the landscape of the long awaited play area. And now, with the delivery of the Poured and Play components, the final countdown to play time begins. A machine, similar to a cement mixer, fluffs the recycled rubber materials. It is a two layer process. The first layer is similar to A team of five arrived from Ohio to install the Poured In Place.  This team travels around the United States, specifically just to install this surface.
David, Matt and Chris are spreading the first layer of the rubberized material. Matt and David are nearing the day's end, as they lay the sub surface over the compacted crushed run stone, which was donated by the Paul V. Sherlock Center.  The final surface has been mixed with a special non-toxic adhesive, which is hand troweled to form a smooth finish. A new day, and the countdown continues! Here, Chris continues to trowel as Jo spreads the final layer. Looks like Matt is heating up, while David is enjoying the shade and protection under the canopy.
Marilyn gets in the swing of things. Grinning from ear to ear, as she continues to keep her hands in the mix. A good shot of the Sway Fun, as Chris smooths out the surface. Is David singing a tune in front of the musical note panel, or is he playing hide and seek? Here's Jo as she catches some Chris is installing the surface around the bridge.
And we're about to turn the corner, to the end! As Marilyn helped to trowel the final layer, she was thinking, Sarah, it is finished.